How To Beat Depression With A “Novel” Approach


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It can be extremely difficult to even talk about depression, “” let alone deal with it. Given how internal and potentially isolating depression can be as a condition, it can be all too easy to feel as if you are alone, both life and your battle against depression.

How To Beat Depression With A “Novel” Approach

However, nothing could be further from the truth. Notable figures in every field have battled with this condition. Virginia Woolf, Dorothy Parker, Sylvia Plath, and many other novelists grappled with depression and used their craft as a medium through which to explore and in some cases help with their condition. Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway in particular remains noteworthy today for its depiction of depression and its critique of the various ways in which people treat and respond to mental illness.

Connecting with the works of these authors and relating to them can be a good first step when trying to figure out how to beat depression. One of the most important things to do when struggling with depression is to try and connect to others and share your feelings and experiences. This can be difficult, obviously, and is easier said than done, and so reading novelists with which you can identify can be a useful intermediary step between isolation and openly sharing your thoughts and feelings with others.

How To Beat Depression With A “Novel” Approach

Sites such as are devoted to providing a safe and relatable outlet for such feelings.

Support from family and friends are absolutely essential in determining how to beat depression, and here again Woolf proves to be a shining example. Her husband,

Leonard Woolf, her devoted sister, friends, and members of and visitors to her famed Bloomsbury Group of literary and intellectual elite including E.M. Forster and T.S. Eliot—were by all accounts tremendously supportive, receptive, compassionate and caring during Woolf’s frequent and often prolonged bouts with depression.

How To Beat Depression With A “Novel” Approach

Likewise, a support system is extremely important in taking on depression, so much so that it’s listed as part of the University of Michigan Depression Center’s five-point online overview. In addition, you may want to consider joining a support group.

While identifying with one author who “understands” depression may help in the short-term, being in a group with many different people who are themselves dealing with depressive feelings can allow you the kind of active dialogue which Woolf and Plath both advocate in their works.

Woolf’s novel in particular spoke out against “proportionality,” an attitude in early 20th century psychological theory that argued for isolation in cases of depression rather than the sense of connection and relatability which has since been found to be so crucial.

How To Beat Depression With A “Novel” Approach

How To Beat Depression With A “Novel” Approach

Of course relating to authors and others are just two of the many things you can and might wish to if you find yourself in a battle against depression.

Everything from exercise to antidepressants, diet to discussion in therapy can have a profound impact on your mood, psyche, and personal well-being.

There is no one single way to “beat” depression, and in many cases it’s a lifelong struggle, as it was for Woolf, Parker and Plath, two of whom eventually did commit suicide.

As a final point on depression, it’s vital to note that it was not due to “weakness” that they felt what they did, nor was it their “fault,” nor were their suicides triumphant—they were tragedies through and through, for themselves and all who loved them, then and now.

That said, it does nothing to diminish who they were and what others felt for them, and that enduring sense of compassion is a vital and beautiful defense against depression for anyone.

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