Top 120 High Paying Keywords in 2019


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Top 120 High Paying Keywords in 2019: Hi Friends, Today in this articles, I Am going to tell you about “Google Adsense Highest CPC Keyword.” if you are earning from google adsense, then dependent your AdSense CPC on your Article Keyword. Google is Very Big Company in the world, 99% of Google income from advertising, Witch contains Adword, and adsense, And Most Service.

High CPC Keyword List In 2019

Blogger Can Earn money easily form Adsense, And on the Adword, the big companies give money to promote their site. that are some keyword on witch Google gets more money. and he is also paying more money to the publisher.

if you are write High- Quality Article on this . then Your Adsense CPC will be increased. and your Adsense earning will also Too Good.

What is CPC (Cost Per Click), High CPC and Low CPC Keywords?

CPC is what when someone interacts and clicks on an Ad which is showing on your website and you get money for this particular click. In Google Adsense, we get money from it when visitors on our website/Blog Clicks on any advertisement showing on the website. Resow of Clicks and Page views called CPC.

There are different rates for every click we get and that depends on CPC and if we are getting low revenue that means keywords used in our website are associated with Low CPC and if you want to earn more then you have to work on High CPC keywords instead of low CPC keywords.

Why High CPC Keywords costs so much High?

Friend’s, there are many companies which can pay few hundred bucks to get a customer and for that they target on words and pays Google to show ads on those particular keywords and when we rank our articles on those keywords then we get High CPC ads on our website and when someone clicks on those ads then we get very high CPC.

this is why you should work on high CPC keywords and you will get up to 1000$ just for a click.

So, this is why we get High CPC from High CPC keywords and now let’s talk about “High CPC niches in 2019″


1Software$ 35.29
2Transfer$ 29.86
3Classes$ 35.04
4Rehab$ 33.59
5Treatment$ 37.18
6Online Collages$ 95.65
7Online Classes$ 95.06
8Donate Your Car For Money$ 94.01
9Degree$ 46.61
10Mortgage$ 47.12
11Royalty Free Images Stock$ 92.76
12Attorney$ 47.07
13Donate$ 42.02
14Claim$ 45.51
15Conference$ 42.05
16Hosting$ 31.91
17Gas / Electricity$ 54.62
18Web Development$ 7.22
19Trading$ 33.19
20Recovery$ 42.03
21Blood$ 27.80
22Loans$ 44.28
23Lawyer$ 42.51
24Insurance$ 54.91
25Credit$ 36.06


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Google Adsense High CPC Niche 2019

Friends, before talking about Highest Paying Keywords let’s talk about the Highest Paying Niche in 2019 and if you will work on these Niches then you will get very high CPC on all your website articles. if You Have Any Query Please Comment Know Thank’s